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Cisco Secure Email Pricing: Unveiling Features, Packages and Cost Factors

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, where communication is predominantly conducted through electronic means, the importance of robust email security cannot be overstated. Email serves as a primary gateway for both personal and professional communication, making it a lucrative target for cyber threats. As businesses and individuals increasingly rely on email for sensitive information exchange, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of email communications has become paramount. 

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What is Cisco Secure Email? 

Among the myriad of solutions available in the market, Cisco Secure Email stands out as a leading force in the realm of email security. Cisco, a global technology giant, has developed an advanced and comprehensive email security solution to counteract the ever-growing sophistication of cyber threats. Cisco Secure Email employs cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, threat intelligence, and behavioural analysis to detect and mitigate a wide range of email-based threats, including phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware. 

In this article we will delve into the pricing details of Cisco Secure Email, providing valuable insights into the cost structure and available subscription plans. Understanding the financial aspects of implementing a top-tier email security solution is crucial for businesses looking to strike the right balance between budget constraints and the need for robust cybersecurity. 

Understanding what is needed to fortify an enterprise email infrastructure with Cisco Secure Email ensures businesses can make strategic choices that align with their specific security needs and financial considerations.

Understanding Cisco Secure Email Features

Cisco Secure Email stands as a formidable guardian in the digital landscape, equipped with a suite of advanced features that collectively fortify organisations against the ever-evolving spectrum of email-based threats. Boasting advanced threat protection powered by real-time intelligence and machine learning, it proactively identifies and neutralises emerging threats, including zero-day attacks. The solution excels in spam and phishing prevention, employing intelligent filters to safeguard users from malicious content and deceptive email campaigns. Cisco Secure Email ensures secure data transmission through robust encryption protocols, preventing unauthorised access during transit, and integrates user-friendly interfaces for seamless management of email security settings. With a focus on proactive defence and user-friendly customisation, Cisco Secure Email emerges as a comprehensive and adaptive solution in safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of email communications. 

Key Features Offered by Cisco Secure Email: 

1. Advanced Threat Protection: 

  • Cisco Secure Email leverages advanced threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and neutralise sophisticated threats in real-time. 
  • Behavioural analysis helps identify anomalies, ensuring the proactive identification of emerging threats such as zero-day attacks. 

2. Spam and Phishing Prevention: 

  • Intelligent filtering mechanisms identify and block spam emails, reducing the risk of inbox clutter and potential exposure to malicious content. 
  • Robust anti-phishing measures protect users from falling victim to deceptive email campaigns, safeguarding sensitive information. 

3. Encryption and Data Loss Prevention: 

  • Cisco Secure Email ensures secure transmission of sensitive data through encryption protocols, preventing unauthorized access during transit. 
  • Integrated data loss prevention features prevent accidental or malicious data leaks, maintaining the confidentiality of critical information. 

4. User-Friendly Interface: 

  • The solution offers an intuitive interface for easy management and monitoring of email security settings. 
  • Administrators can efficiently configure and customise security policies, empowering organisations to adapt to evolving threats. 

How Do These Features Contribute to Robust Email Security? 

1. Proactive Threat Defence: 

  • Advanced Threat Protection ensures that organisations are not merely reacting to known threats but are proactively defending against evolving and emerging risks. 
  • Real-time threat intelligence and machine learning enable quick identification and mitigation of threats, reducing the window of vulnerability. 

2. Effective Spam and Phishing Mitigation: 

  • By preventing spam and phishing attempts, Cisco Secure Email reduces the likelihood of users inadvertently engaging with malicious content. 
  • This proactive approach to filtering contributes to a secure email environment, protecting users from social engineering and phishing attacks. 

3. Secure Data Transmission and Confidentiality: 

  • Encryption features guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive data during transmission, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access. 
  • Data loss prevention measures ensure that sensitive information remains within authorised channels, preventing accidental or intentional data breaches. 

4. Simplified Management: 

  • The user-friendly interface facilitates efficient management of email security settings, enabling organizations to adapt quickly to changing threats. 
  • Administrators can easily customise policies and configurations, enhancing the organisation's ability to respond effectively to new and evolving security challenges. 

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Why should you invest in a comprehensive email security solution? 

The vast majority of cyberthreats enter an organisation via email. Investing in a secure email solution is of paramount importance and provides these benefits: 

1. Protection Against Evolving Threats: 

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with cyber threats becoming more sophisticated. Investing in a comprehensive email security solution like Cisco Secure Email ensures proactive protection against a wide range of threats. 

2. Preservation of Reputation: 

Email remains a primary communication channel for businesses. A robust email security solution safeguards against email-borne threats, preserving the organisation's reputation and trustworthiness. 

3. Regulatory Compliance: 

Many industries are subject to strict data protection regulations. A comprehensive email security solution helps businesses adhere to regulatory requirements by ensuring the secure handling of sensitive information. 

4. Business Continuity: 

Email is a mission-critical communication tool for most organisations. A comprehensive email security solution contributes to business continuity by minimising the risk of email-related disruptions and data breaches. 

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense Pricing Packages

For Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense pricing, Orixcom offers two distinct packages, catering to organisations with varying mailbox requirements.

The first tier, priced at AED 82.69 per year per mailbox, is designed for businesses with 25 to 99 mailboxes. This package secures Microsoft 365 against advanced threats, providing comprehensive visibility into inbound, outbound, and internal messages. Leveraging the expertise of the Cisco Talos threat research team, it detects and blocks a broad spectrum of threats. Additionally, organisations can enhance their threat detection and response capabilities through the automation and remediation features in Cisco SecureX. This package also ensures users can safely receive legitimate marketing emails and offers quick, hassle-free configuration in less than five minutes without altering existing mail flows. This tier is inclusive of Orixcom’s Managed Services, allowing enterprises peace of mind that their email is fully managed and secure.  

For organisations with similar mailbox needs, the second tier is priced at AED 72.35 per year per mailbox, delivering the same robust features as the higher-tier package. This underscores Orixcom's commitment to providing effective email threat defence at competitive pricing, catering to the unique needs of businesses within the specified mailbox range.  

Business Case Studies

All business sectors will benefit from a tailored solution for their email security. These real-world challenges show how Cisco Secure Email fortifies organisations against a range of threats.  

1. A Regional Hospital System: 

  • Challenge: A network of regional hospitals and clinics, managing patient records through extensive email communications, faces an increased risk of cyber threats targeting sensitive healthcare data. 
  • Solution: Deploying Cisco Secure Email safeguards patient information against phishing and malware, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations. The solution's DLP features play a crucial role in preventing data leaks, contributing to the institution's commitment to patient privacy. 

2. A Boutique Investment Firm: 

  • Challenge: A boutique investment firm, dealing with high-value financial transactions, encounters persistent phishing attacks aimed at gaining unauthorised access to confidential financial data. 
  • Solution: Cisco Secure Email's advanced threat protection and anti-phishing capabilities fortify the firm's email communications. Integration with Cisco SecureX empowers the security team to respond swiftly to emerging threats, safeguarding the firm's financial assets. 

3. International Aerospace Manufacturer: 

  • Challenge: A leading aerospace manufacturer, operating globally with a complex network of suppliers and collaborators, requires robust email security to protect its sensitive intellectual property. 
  • Solution: Cisco Secure Email provides scalable protection against phishing, malware, and data breaches. The user-friendly interface facilitates efficient management, ensuring secure communication channels across the international supply chain. 

4. National Security Agency: 

  • Challenge: A government agency responsible for national security must secure classified email communications to prevent espionage and cyber-attacks. 
  • Solution: Cisco Secure Email's advanced threat protection and encryption features ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive government communications. Seamless integration with broader security ecosystems enhances the agency's overall cybersecurity posture. 

5. Tech Startup Innovations: 

  • Challenge: A dynamic technology startup, driven by innovative solutions, seeks robust email security without the need for an extensive cybersecurity team. 
  • Solution: Cisco Secure Email's out-of-the-box threat protection and user-friendly configuration align perfectly with the startup's needs. The automated features in Cisco SecureX enhance threat detection, allowing the startup to focus on disruptive technologies while maintaining a secure digital environment. 

6. University System with Online Learning: 

  • Challenge: A university system managing online learning platforms and student records requires secure email communication to protect sensitive educational information. 
  • Solution: Cisco Secure Email's phishing prevention and encryption features provide a secure communication environment for faculty and students. The solution's ease of configuration ensures seamless integration into the educational institution's digital infrastructure. 

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business

Selecting the right Cisco Secure Email plan is a critical decision that should align with the specific needs and characteristics of your organisation. Several factors should be considered to ensure that the chosen plan effectively addresses your businesses size, industry requirements, and overall security needs. Here are key factors to consider: 

1. Organisation Size: 

  • Number of Mailboxes:

    Choose a plan that caters to the size of your businesses email user base. Cisco Secure Email plans often come with tiered pricing based on the number of mailboxes. Assess your current and projected future mailbox requirements to ensure scalability and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Scalability:

    Consider the scalability of the chosen plan to accommodate potential growth. A plan that can easily adapt to an increase in the number of users or mailboxes ensures long-term suitability for growing organisations. 

2. Industry-Specific Compliance: 

  • Regulatory Compliance:

    Different industries have specific regulatory requirements regarding data protection and email security. Ensure that the selected Cisco Secure Email plan aligns with the compliance standards relevant to your industry. This is crucial for sectors such as healthcare (HIPAA), finance (GLBA), or any industry adhering to GDPR.
  • Industry Threat Landscape:

    Evaluate the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by your industry. Industries like finance and healthcare may be more susceptible to targeted attacks. Ensure the chosen plan has features tailored to address the specific threats prevalent in your sector. 

3. Security Needs and Threat Landscape: 

  • Threat Intelligence:

    Consider the level of threat intelligence provided by the Cisco Secure Email plan. Look for features such as real-time threat detection, advanced threat protection, and integration with threat intelligence sources like Cisco Talos to ensure a proactive defence against evolving threats.
  • Advanced Threat Protection:

    Assess the plan's capabilities in mitigating advanced threats such as zero-day attacks, phishing, and ransomware. Look for features like behavioural analysis, sandboxing, and machine learning to enhance the effectiveness of threat detection. 

  • Integration with Security Ecosystem:

    If your organisation utilises a broader security ecosystem, ensure that the chosen Cisco Secure Email plan integrates seamlessly with other security solutions. Integration enhances overall security posture and streamlines incident response. 

4. User-Friendly Configuration and Management: 

  • Ease of Configuration:

    Evaluate the simplicity and speed of configuring the Cisco Secure Email solution. Plans that allow for quick and straightforward setup without disrupting existing mail flows contribute to efficient deployment. 

  • User Interface:

    A user-friendly interface for administrators ensures smooth management of email security settings. This is crucial for organisations of all sizes to effectively monitor and respond to security incidents. 

5. Budget and Total Cost of Ownership: 

  • Cost Structure:

    Different Cisco Cloud Email Security pricing plans are available. Consider factors such as annual per-mailbox costs and evaluate the balance between the plan's features and your organisation's budget constraints.

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

    Consider the TCO, factoring in not just the upfront costs but also ongoing maintenance, support, and potential scalability expenses. This holistic view helps in making a more informed decision.  


  1. What is Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service?
    Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service is a cutting-edge solution designed to ensure the secure transmission of sensitive information through email communication. This service employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard the confidentiality of emails containing critical data, preventing unauthorized access during transit. By encrypting email content and attachments, Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service helps organisations comply with data protection regulations and protect against potential data breaches. It provides a secure and seamless experience for both senders and recipients, ensuring that only authorised parties can access the encrypted content. This advanced encryption service is an integral component of Cisco's broader email security suite, contributing to a comprehensive defence against evolving cyber threats in the digital communication landscape.

  2. Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense pricing suitable for small businesses or only for large enterprises?
    Cisco Secure Email offers pricing plans that cater to a range of organisational sizes, making it suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. The flexibility in Cisco Secure Email pricing ensures that businesses of varying scales can access advanced email security features tailored to their specific needs. Small businesses can benefit from Cisco Secure Email's robust threat protection, user-friendly configuration, and scalability without being burdened by excessive costs. Likewise, large enterprises can leverage the scalability and advanced features to fortify their extensive communication networks. In essence, Cisco Secure Email pricing is designed to accommodate the diverse requirements of both small businesses and large enterprises, making it a versatile and accessible solution for organisations across the spectrum.  

  3. What are the benefits of Cisco Secure email?
    Cisco Secure Email offers a range of benefits that contribute to a robust and comprehensive email security posture. Here are key advantages:
  • Advanced Threat Protection:  
    Cisco Secure Email leverages real-time threat intelligence, including insights from the Cisco Talos threat research team, to identify and neutralise advanced threats, including zero-day attacks, phishing, and malware. 
  • Phishing and Spam Prevention: The solution employs intelligent filtering mechanisms to identify and block phishing attempts, spam, and other unwanted emails, reducing the risk of users falling victim to deceptive tactics.
  • Data Encryption and DLP: Cisco Secure Email ensures the secure transmission of sensitive information through encryption protocols, preventing unauthorised access during transit. Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features prevent accidental or malicious data leaks, helping organisations maintain the confidentiality of critical information.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Management: The user-friendly interface allows for easy and intuitive configuration of email security settings, enabling organisations to adapt quickly to changing threats without disrupting existing mail flows.
  • Automated Threat Detection and Response: Integration with Cisco SecureX enhances threat detection and response capabilities through automation and remediation features, streamlining incident response workflows.
  • Legitimate Marketing Email Reception: Cisco Secure Email distinguishes between legitimate marketing emails and potential threats, ensuring that users can safely receive and interact with authorised marketing communications.
  • Comprehensive Visibility: The solution provides complete message tracking which includes inbound, outbound, and internal messages, allowing businesses to monitor and analyse email traffic for security and compliance purposes.
  • Adaptability and Scalability: Cisco Secure Email offers scalability, catering to organisations of varying sizes. It adapts to the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring that email security can grow alongside the organisation.
  • Integration with Security Ecosystem: The solution seamlessly integrates with other elements of an organisation's security ecosystem, enhancing overall cybersecurity by providing a cohesive defence against a wide range of threats.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Cisco Secure Email supports organisations in meeting regulatory compliance standards, especially in industries subject to specific data protection and privacy regulations. 

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